Small beaches only accessible by sea

Small beaches only accessible by sea

Algarve boat trips

One of the advantages of choosing a boat trip is the possibility to explore some of the most beautiful beaches of the winward Algarve coast.  Some of these are small beaches only accessible by sea. By choosing to go on a boat trip you will also by able to admire the rock formations, arches, tunnels and sea caves along the coast.

Algarve has the most attractive and beautiful beaches in the world with fine sands and transparent waters.
This natural heritage has been valued with quality infrastructures, comfort and security.
Whatever your preference you will find beaches for all tastes from the extensive sandy beaches such as Falesia beach, to small beaches only accessible by the sea that visitors are able to explore during a boat trip.

Algarve is the Portuguese region with the highest number of beaches awarded with the “Blue Flag” (about half a hundred of these awards) and this number has been increasing year by year.

So if you choose Algarve as your holiday destination don’t miss the oportunity to see all  the natural beauty of the region by sea on a boat trip!

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