Blessed’s by a Dolphins visit

Blessed’s by a Dolphins visit


Albufeira Dolphins

Dolphins are cetacean animals belonging to the Delphinidae family.  They are perfectly adapted to live in the aquatic environment and there are 37 known species of dolphins in saltwater and freshwater.

Dolphins are privileged swimmers, sometimes jumping up to five meters above the water, swimming at speeds of up to 40 km/h and diving at great depths. These animals can live up to 20 to 35 years.They live in groups and are sociable animals both among them as with other animals and humans.

Dolphins are hunters and feed on fish. Many of them hunt in groups and look for large shoals of fish.

The dolphin has the extraordinary sense of echolocation which is an acoustic system that allows you to get information about other animals and the environment.

The echolocation of dolphins besides allowing to know the distance of the object and whether it is in movement or not, allows to know the texture, the density and the size of the object or prey.

During the boat trip along the Algarve coast you may be blessed by the visit of some dolphins!

There are several marine animals in the Algarve coast not only dolphins but also various species of fish, sea turtles, wales, sharks and sea birds. The most commons dolphins in the Algarve coast are the Delphinus Delphis (the most common dolphin) and the Roaz (Tursiops truncatus).

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